NFL Midseason Report

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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The NFL season is at about the midpoint, as we are now through 8 of the 17 weeks that make up the regular season.  As we look at where all the teams stand now and where they could go in the second half of the season, it serves as a measuring stick for where each team stands and their legitimate goals for the season.

First, here are the current standings, in each division, and in the Wild Card races:

(keep in mind each division leader and the top 2 Wild Card teams in each conference will make the playoffs)


South:  Colts (5-2), Titans (3-4), Texans (2-5), Jaguars (0-8)

North:  Bengals (6-2), Ravens (3-4), Browns (3-5), Steelers (2-5)

East:  Patriots (6-2), Jets (4-4), Dolphins (3-4), Bills (3-5)

West:  Chiefs (8-0), Broncos (7-1), Chargers (4-3), Raiders (3-4)

Wild Card:  Broncos (7-1), Chargers (4-3), Jets (4-4), Titans (3-4), Ravens (3-4), Raiders (3-4), Dolphins (3-4), Browns (3-5), Bills (3-5), Texans (2-5), Steelers (2-5), Jaguars (0-8)


South:  Saints (6-1), Panthers (4-3), Falcons (2-5), Buccaneers (0-7)

North:  Packers (5-2), Lions (5-3), Bears (4-3), Vikings (1-6)

East:  Cowboys (4-4), Eagles (3-5), Redskins (2-5), Giants (2-6)

West:  Seahawks (7-1), 49ers (6-2), Cardinals (4-4), Rams (3-5)

Wild Card:  49ers (6-2), Lions (5-3), Panthers (4-3), Bears (4-3), Cardinals (4-4), Eagles (3-4), Rams (3-5), Falcons (2-5), Redskins (2-5), Giants (2-6), Vikings (1-6), Buccaneers (0-7)

Now let’s look at my projections for the final standings.  I reached these projections by simulating the outcome of every game for every team the rest of the regular season.  Here’s how the standings could look at the end of the season:


South:  Colts (12-4), Texans (7-9), Titans (6-10), Jaguars (0-16)

North:  Bengals (11-5), Ravens (9-7), Steelers (6-10), Browns (5-11)

East:  Patriots (10-6), Jets (9-7), Bills (7-9), Dolphins (6-10)

West:  Broncos (14-2), Chiefs (13-3), Chargers (8-8), Raiders (5-11)

Wild Card:  Chiefs (13-3), Ravens (9-7), Jets (9-7), Chargers (8-8), Bills (7-9), Texans (7-9), Titans (6-10), Dolphins (6-10), Steelers (6-10), Browns (5-11), Raiders (5-11), Jaguars (0-16)


South:  Saints (12-4), Panthers (8-8), Falcons (7-9), Buccaneers (1-15)

North:  Packers (11-5), Lions (10-6), Bears (10-6), Vikings (1-15)

East:  Cowboys (10-6), Redskins (8-8), Eagles (7-9), Giants (5-11)

West:  Seahawks (13-3), 49ers (12-4), Cardinals (8-8), Rams (5-11)

Wild Card:  49ers (12-4), Lions (10-6), Bears (10-6), Cardinals (8-8), Panthers (8-8), Redskins (8-8), Falcons (7-9), Eagles (7-9), Giants (5-11), Rams (5-11), Vikings (1-15), Buccaneers (1-15)

Note:  In the projected standings, the only ties I broke were for playoff spots; ties that do not affect the postseason, I did not break (in other words, the team listed ahead may not be actually ahead).  In the current standings, broke the ties for me.

Now we advance to the playoffs, using my projected standings as seeding.  While the Redskins, Panthers, Bears, Cardinals, Chargers, and Jets missed the playoffs in my projections, I would not be surprised at all to see them playing in the postseason in January.

AFC Wild Card:  Chiefs def. Patriots, Bengals def. Ravens

Logo of the National Football League Playoffs,...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NFC Wild Card:  49ers def. Cowboys, Packers def. Lions

AFC Divisional:  Broncos def. Chiefs, Bengals def. Colts

NFC Divisional:  Seahawks def. 49ers, Saints def. Packers

AFC Championship:  Broncos def. Bengals

NFC Championship:  Seahawks def. Saints

Super Bowl XLVIII:  Broncos def. Seahawks


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