Update: A-Rod Drops Lawsuit

After announcing back on January 11 plans to sue both Major League Baseball and its players union, today Alex Rodriguez dropped the lawsuit and accepted his season-long suspension.  While neither Rodriguez or his lawyer said why the lawsuit was dropped, there are several possible reasons for A-Rod’s change in attitude.

To read more about the lawsuit, which came after an arbitrator upheld the suspension of A-Rod, read my post “Just Give It Up, A-Rod” here: https://stilesonsports.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/just-give-it-up-a-rod/

One of the probable reasons for Rodriguez’s decision is up to $10 million that he would have had to pay in legal fees had the case gone to court.  He will already lose about $25 million of his Yankees salary because of the suspension.  Additionally, sources tell ESPN that Rodriguez may have reached out to MLB Chief Operating Officer Rob Manfred, hoping to regaining good relations with the sport.  The source also said Rodriguez wants to become another Ryan Braun, a player who was suspended for the final 65 games of 2013 before apologizing for his involvement with performance enhancing drugs, not another Pete Rose, a player banned for life for gambling on games.  Rodriguez, who will be 39 in July, will have 3 years remaining on his contract when he is reinstated in 2015, and those around Rodriguez believe he may be interested in broadcasting and/or partial team ownership after his playing career.  That may have been jeopardized had he continued his demonstrative actions toward MLB.

Rodriguez, during an interview last month, sounded resigned to the fate he would miss 2014, but said the year off could allow him to refocus both mentally and physically, and that, in the long run, it may actually help his career.


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