Twitter Picks for College Football Week Seven

Game of the Week

#8 Florida (6-0) at #6 LSU (5-0)
Saturday, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN
Favorite: LSU by 9
Stiles on Sports Ranking: Florida- 10th, LSU- 7th


Big Game Guarantee(s)

#17 Iowa (6-0) at #20 Northwestern (5-1)
Saturday, 12:00 pm ET, ABC/ESPN2
Favorite: Iowa by 2
Stiles on Sports Ranking: Iowa- 18th, Northwestern- 24th


#10 Alabama (5-1) at #9 Texas A&M (5-0)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, CBS
Favorite: Alabama by 4
Stiles on Sports Ranking: Alabama- 6th, Texas A&M- 9th


#7 Michigan State (6-0) at #12 Michigan (5-1)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, ESPN
Favorite: Michigan by 8
Stiles on Sports Ranking: Michigan State- 4th, Michigan- 12th


USC (3-2) at #15 Notre Dame (5-1)
Saturday, 7:30 pm ET, NBC
Favorite: Notre Dame by 7
Stiles on Sports Ranking: USC- unranked, Notre Dame- 14th


Upset(s) of the Week

#18 UCLA (4-1) at #15 Stanford (4-1)
Thursday, 10:30 pm ET, ESPN
Favorite: Stanford by 7
Stiles on Sports Ranking: UCLA- 15th, Stanford- 16th


#21 Boise State (5-1) at Utah State (3-2)
Friday, 9:00 pm ET, CBSSN
Favorite: Boise State by 10
Stiles on Sports Ranking: both teams are unranked


Closer Than the Experts Think

West Virginia (3-2) at #2 Baylor (5-0)
Saturday, 12:00 pm ET, FOX
Favorite: Baylor by 22
Stiles on Sports Ranking: West Virginia- unranked, Baylor- 5th


NFL Game(s) of the Week

Carolina Panthers (4-0) at Seattle Seahawks (2-3)
Sunday, 4:05 pm ET, FOX
Favorite: Seahawks by 7


New England Patriots (4-0) at Indianapolis Colts (3-2)
Sunday, 8:30 pm ET, NBC
Favorite: Patriots by 9


Season to Date
Overall Record: 24-20
Last Week: 6-2
College Overall Record: 21-19
Game of the Week: 4-2
Big Game Guarantee: 13-7
Upset of the Week: 1-7
Closer Than the Experts Think: 3-4
NFL Game of the Week: 3-1


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