College Football: Week Five Power Rankings and Week Six Twitter Picks

Power Rankings for Week Five

1. Alabama (5-0, Last Week: 1st, AP Poll: 1st)
Alabama cruised 34-6 over Kentucky, but now they enter the gauntlet of the next four games (at Arkansas, at Tennessee, Texas A&M, at LSU).

2. Clemson (5-0, 3rd, 3rd)
The Tigers beat Louisville 42-36, and will now be favored in every game through a potential ACC title game as they try to reach the College Football Playoff again.

3. Michigan (5-0, 4th, 4th)
In a defensive slugfest, the Wolverines beat Wisconsin, 14-7.  They do not faced another currently ranked team until a showdown with Ohio State on Nov. 26.

4. Ohio State (4-0, 5th, 2nd)
The Buckeyes destroyed Rutgers, 58-0, and are heavy favorites again against Indiana this week, before traveling to Wisconsin next week.

5. Washington (5-0, 12th, 5th)
Chris Petersen’s team got a program-defining win last Friday, beating Stanford, 44-6, to take control of the Pac-12 North.  Oregon, whose coach may be on the hot seat, comes to Seattle this week in a border war game.

6. Louisville (4-1, 2nd, 7th)
The Cardinals played well enough to win at Clemson, coming just a few yards short on their final drive.  With such a close loss on the road against a top five team, if the Cardinals win out they should still contend for the Playoff.  Louisville is idle this week, before hosting Duke next Friday.

7. Houston (5-0, 7th, 6th)
Houston beat UConn, 42-14, to continue their hot start.  The Cougars have no margin for error if they want to make a case for the Playoff, and travel to Navy this week.

8. Tennessee (5-0, 9th, 9th)
Tennessee, after falling behind on a Hail Mary with 0:10 remaining, pulled off a successful Hail Mary of their own as time expired to beat Georgia, 34-31, and remain undefeated.  It won’t be easy to stay that way this week, as they travel to Texas A&M, ahead of next week’s home showdown with Alabama.

9. Wisconsin (4-1, 6th, 11th)
The Badgers played well enough defensively to win at Michigan, but could only muster seven points against the Wolverines defense in a 14-7 loss at the Big House.  This week the Badgers are idle, before facing their third straight top 10 opponent next week against Ohio State.

10. Nebraska (5-0, 13th, 12th)
Nebraska survived a tight game entering the fourth, pulling away from Illinois to win 31-16, and gets this weekend off.  The Cornhuskers travel to Indiana, who just upset Michigan State, next week.

11. Baylor (5-0, 11th, 13th)
12. North Carolina (4-1, 18th, 17th)
13. Miami (4-0, 14th, 10th)
14. Texas A&M (5-0, 16th, 8th)
15. Ole Miss (3-2, 15th, 14th)

16. Stanford (3-1, 8th, 15th)
17. Florida State (3-2, 10th, 23rd)
18. Oklahoma (2-2, 19th, 20th)
19. Boise State (4-0, 20th, 19th)
20. Virginia Tech (3-1, 25th, 25th)

21. Arkansas (4-1, unranked, 16th)
22. Florida (4-1, unranked, 18th)
23. Colorado (4-1, unranked, 21st)
24. West Virginia (4-0, unranked, 22nd)
25. Western Michigan (5-0, unranked, unranked)

Fell from Rankings:  Michigan State (2-2. Last Week: 17th), Iowa (3-2, 21st), Utah (4-1, 22nd) San Diego State (3-1, 23rd), TCU (3-2, 24th)

Also ranked in AP Poll:  Utah (4-1, 24th)


Twitter Picks for Week Six

Game of the Week

#9 Tennessee (5-0) at #8 Texas A&M (5-0)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, CBS
Favorite:  Texas A&M by 7
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Tennessee- 8th, Texas A&M- 14th


Big Game Guarantee

#25 Virginia Tech (3-1) at #17 North Carolina (4-1)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, ABC/ESPN2
Favorite:  North Carolina by 2
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Virginia Tech- 20th, North Carolina- 12th


Upset of the Week

#23 Florida State (3-2) at #10 Miami (4-0)
Saturday, 8:00 pm ET, ABC
Favorite:  Miami by 3
Stiles on Sports Ranking: Florida State- 17th, Miami- 13th


Closer Than the Experts Think

Indiana (3-1) at #2 Ohio State (4-0)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, ESPN
Favorite:  Ohio State by 28
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Indiana- unranked, Ohio State- 4th


Not Closer Than the Experts Think

#1 Alabama (5-0) at #16 Arkansas (4-1)
Saturday, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN
Favorite:  Alabama by 14
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Alabama- 1st, Arkansas- 21st


Overhyped Game

Texas (2-2) at #21 Oklahoma (2-2)
Saturday, 12:00 pm ET, FS1
at Dallas, Tex. (Cotton Bowl)
Favorite:  Oklahoma by 13
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Texas- unranked, Oklahoma- 18th


Group of Five Game of the Week

#6 Houston (5-0) at Navy (3-1)
Saturday, 3:00 pm ET, CBSSN
Favorite:  Houston by 17
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Houston- 7th, Navy- unranked


Is This Futbol?

Army (3-1) at Duke (2-3)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, RSN
Favorite:  Duke by 6
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  both teams are unranked


Is This Basketball?

Texas Tech (3-1) at Kansas State (2-2)
Saturday, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU
Favorite:  Kansas State by 10
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  both teams are unranked


Toilet Bowl

Purdue (2-2) at Illinois (1-3)
Saturday, 3:30 pm ET, BTN
Favorite:  Illinois by 10
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  both teams are unranked


Miscellaneous:  Worst Spread of the Week

#21 Colorado (4-1) at USC (2-3)
Saturday, 4:00 pm ET, PACN
Favorite:  USC by 6
Stiles on Sports Ranking:  Colorado- 23nd, USC- unranked


NFL Game of the Week

Atlanta Falcons (3-1) at Denver Broncos (4-0)
Sunday, 4:05 pm ET, FOX
Favorite:  Broncos by 5



For what it’s worth…

Overall Record:  29-30
Last Week:  6-6
College Overall Record: 27-28
NFL Game of the Week: 2-2

Game of the Week:  2-3
Big Game Guarantee:  2-3
Upset of the Week:  0-5
Closer Than the Experts Think:  1-4
Not Closer Than the Experts Think:  4-1
Overhyped Game:  2-3
Group of Five Game of the Week:  5-0
Is This Futbol?:  3-2
Is This Basketball?:  4-1
Toilet Bowl:  2-3
Miscellaneous:  2-3

For an explanation of the categories for Twitter Picks, click here.

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