College Football Power Rankings for Week Seven

1. Alabama (7-0, Last Week: 1st, AP Poll: 1st)
Last Week:  def. #9 Tennessee, 49-10
This Week:  Saturday vs. #6 Texas A&M
Alabama entered Saturday’s game facing their toughest test of the season, and all they did was give Tennessee their worst loss in the Tide-Volunteers series since 1906.  This team, and especially its defense, is clearly the best team in the country.

2. Ohio State (6-0, 4th, 2nd)
Last Week:  def. #8 Wisconsin, 30-23 (ot)
This Week:  Saturday at Penn State
The Buckeyes survived a trip to Camp Randall in Madison, coming from behind to beat Wisconsin in overtime for the big road win, and moving into second in these rankings.  Now the schedule lightens up a little, at least until the Buckeyes host Nebraska on November 5.

3. Clemson (7-0, 2nd, 4th)
Last Week:  def. NC State, 24-17 (ot)
This Week:  idle
Clemson should not have won their game against NC State, as the Wolfpack missed three field goals including a 33-yard would-be game-winner as time expired.  But the Tigers survived, and only fell a spot in these rankings as a result of Ohio State’s big win.  Clemson is off this weekend ahead of a trip to Tallahassee next week.

4. Michigan (6-0, 3rd, 3rd)
Last Week:  idle
This Week:  Saturday vs. Illinois
The Wolverines got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show of college football this past weekend, as they had the weekend off.  Looking forward, games at Michigan State and Iowa look much easier now than they did in September, meaning that if the Wolverines play well they should enter “The Game” at Ohio State on November 26 at 11-0.

5. Washington (6-0, 5th, 5th)
Last Week:  idle
This Week:  Saturday vs. Oregon State
The Huskies also had an open weekend, and looking forward there’s good news and bad news for them.  The good news is that their schedule the rest of the way isn’t all that difficult, but the bad news is that, even with a perfect record, their best win so far is probably Stanford, leaving them as a team that could potentially go undefeated, but without a true quality win, even as the would-be champion of a Power Five league.

6. Texas A&M (6-0, 7th, 6th)
Last Week:  idle
This Week:  Saturday at #1 Alabama
The Aggies had the weekend off, giving them a well-deserved week off after beating Tennessee in double overtime, but also a much-needed week off ahead of this week’s showdown against Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

7. Louisville (5-1, 6th, 7th)
Last Week:  def. Duke, 24-14
This Week:  Saturday vs. NC State
The Cardinals weren’t very convincing in their Friday night win over Duke, but they did find a way to win, and in fact outgained the Blue Devils 469-239.  NC State, who nearly beat Clemson on the road, comes to Louisville this weekend.

8. Baylor (6-0, 11th, 9th)
Last Week:  def. Kansas, 49-7
This Week:  idle
Baylor did as expected and walloped Kansas, forcing five turnovers in the win.  Four of the Bears’ last six games are on the road, starting next weekend at Texas, and including late-season trips to Oklahoma and West Virginia.

9. Nebraska (6-0, 10th, 8th)
Last Week:  def. Indiana, 27-22
This Week:  Saturday vs. Purdue
The Cornhuskers survived a trip to Hoosier territory on Saturday, and have a game this week against Purdue, who just fired coach Darrell Hazel.  Nebraska’s best win is currently over Oregon, but starting next week they’ll have a chance to change that, with back-to-back trips to Ohio State and Wisconsin.

10. Wisconsin (4-2, 8th, 10th)
Last Week:   lost to #2 Ohio State, 30-23 (ot)
This Week:  Saturday at Iowa
The Badgers led by as many as 10, but allowed Ohio State to come from behind twice in the fourth quarter.  With two close losses to teams ranked second and third in the AP Poll the Badgers are the highest-ranked two-loss team, but it is hard to see them having a road to the College Football Playoff, leading to the country music fan in me tweeting this:


11. Florida State (5-2, 12th, 13th)
12. Oklahoma (4-2, 14th, 16th)
13. Boise State (6-0, 16th, 14th)
14. Florida (5-1, 19th, 15th)
15. North Carolina (5-2, 20th, 22nd)

16. Houston (6-1, 17th, 11th)
17. West Virginia (5-0, 21st, 12th)
18. Tennessee (5-2, 9th, 18th)
19. Arkansas (5-2, 24th, 17th)
20. Ole Miss (3-3, 13th, 23rd)

21. Western Michigan (7-0, 23rd, 20th)
22. Navy (4-1, 22nd, 24th)
23. Miami (5-2, 18th, unranked)
24. Auburn (4-2, 25th, 21st)
25. Utah (5-1, unranked, 19th)

Fell from Rankings:  Virginia Tech (4-2, Last Week: 15th)

Also ranked in AP Poll:  LSU (3-2, AP: 25th)


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