College Football Twitter Picks: Categories Explained

Original Categories

Game of the Week
The best game of the week in college football, plain and simple.

Big Game Guarantee
This category is intended to be for a “big game” in which I “guarantee” one team will win for one reason or another.  But don’t take it to the casino–some years my “guarantees” have lost more than they’ve won.

Upset of the Week
Like game of the week, this one is simple:  a game where I think an upset will happen.  My goal is for half of these to be correct.

Closer Than the Experts Think
A game where I believe the favorite will win, but the underdog will cover the spread and make it interesting.  The name of the category comes from Lee Corso, who often uses the line while picking games on College Gameday.  Since I am picking the underdog to beat the point spread but still lose, my record in this category is based on if they do just that, so this is another category where my goal is to pick half correctly.

NFL Game of the Week
Another simple one:  the best game from the weekend in the NFL.

New Categories Since 2016

Not Closer Than the Experts Think
In the spirit of “Closer Than the Experts Think,” this is a game where I think the favorite will win by more than they are favored.  Once again, my record in this category is not just based on if my pick wins, but if they cover the spread.

Overhyped/Bad Spread Game
A game that I believe is either getting too much “hype,” for one reason or another, or has been given a bad point spread in Las Vegas.  There aren’t enough of one or the other to be a good category, but most weeks have a good example of one or the other.

Group of Five Game of the Week
The best game of the weekend featuring at least one team from a the “Group of Five” conferences (in other words, FBS schools not in the “Power Five”).

Is This Futbol?
A game that I expect to be a low-scoring game that ends up with a score that looks like it could be from a soccer (futbol) game.

Is This Basketball?
A game that I expect to be a high-scoring game that ends up with a score that looks like it could be from a basketball game.

Toilet Bowl
The worst matchup of the weekend between two teams from “Power Five” conferences.

This category is where I can put anything else that comes up.  Previous examples include “Game Most Likely To Be Won By Tigers” (Auburn vs. Clemson and LSU vs. Auburn) and “Game With the Most Empty Seats” (Western Carolina vs. East Tennessee State at Bristol Motor Speedway).